CMA was challenged to create a new branding campaign for a mixed-use property with an upscale customer. The budget was very small, which challenged our agency, as we had to use stock photos of models and merchandise which had to be layered with fun upscale graphics, shapes and images from IStock.  The directive was to take the stock images and make them look like a live photo shoot.
The final branded campaign had to work digitally as well as in all printed materials.  The campaign had to fit with dining, shopping, office and fitness.  The newly branded campaign launched with glowing reviews from our client, the town of Danville, the merchants and customers.  We had over 500 customers mention they loved the look of the campaign and the stores received comments like, “we didn’t know your store was at the Livery until we saw the new ad online”.  The corporate office liked our campaign so much they had us develop new branding campaigns for 9 of their other properties.
The creative team was tasked to turn around an aging food court concept with tired food concepts and cranky merchants. This outdoor Entertainment Village was well beyond its prime.  At one time it was the biggest deal in town.  The goal was to provide a digital update to enhance the merchants in the Village, remind the customers where the Entertainment Village was in the property and build up the sales and awareness. The tenant mix is mostly chain food franchisees, IMAX theater, hair salon, nail salon and a dentist.
Step One: make a Drone Video highlighting the Entertainment Village and showcase the Village with a graphic fly over and quick edits to make it look hip and fun.  We then had to organize online contests, coupons, etc.
The focus was food as this was the struggling category.  We created #HaciendaFoodie.    We did a food photo shoot that would include all the food in the Entertainment Village.  Posts for #HaciendaFoodie were promoted daily on all social media platforms with prize giveaways like Mama’s and Mochas, Power Hour lunches, Happy Hour, Pizza Parties, Movie & a Dinner.  We posted strategic, delicious #HaciendaFoodie posts at 11 am daily to engage our audience to order food for lunch on Door Dash or come down and eat at the Village. The program is still going strong and the overall results are very positive with engagement on our social media channels increasing over 35% and the goodwill was well received from the merchants.  They appreciated the landlord taking the bull by the horns and putting our agency in place to work one on one with the merchants and provide them with a way to get their food in front of thousands of customers.